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Travorium offers a global business opportunity that empowers people to live a better life. Our direct sales model allows individuals to create a lifestyle and earn part time or full time income from home. You can partner with us and by helping others to do the same, you’ll be able to realize your dreams and enjoy the lifestyle, fun and freedom that you might have never thought was possible before now!

The journey starts here with Travorium. Our lifestyle membership gives anyone from any walk of life a chance to see the world and earn an income from anywhere via their electronic devices. Our platform rewards members with Travel Points and gives them the ability to go on exclusive trips around the world.

A Better Way to achieve A Better Life!


Travorium allows people to carve out time out of their busy lives to travel and experience a world most people only dream of. Every month we award our members travel points that can be used in our World Tours and Getaways.

With the Travorium membership, your travel points work to buy down rates on over 2,000 resorts around the world where you can go on a Getaway. Each point buys down the suggested retail price shown on the Dreamcation platform. Through vacationing with us, you can create unforgettable life experiences.

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The Dreamcation Platform

Your Travel Points can take you further than you ever imagined…

World Tours

Every year Travorium plans World Tours and touring the world while experiencing culture is the goal.

These tours take place in some of the most sought after locations, and are bundled with life-changing experiences. These trips aren’t just about the location, though. Travorium works to produce trips with thrilling activities, amazing cultural cuisines, and bringing together like-minded people to have fun with.

Travorium works to facilitate and enhance the travel experience for our members. We have a team of travel experts dedicated to producing amazing World Tours.

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With the Travorium membership, your travel points go towards buying down rates on over 2,000 resorts across the globe for your individual trip preference. With our Platinum membership, you can book these stays for an entire week almost entirely with the points you’ve banked. We call this trip platform, “Getaways”. Enjoy a Getaway for as low as a dollar per night after you apply your points. It’s that simple.

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