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Tap into the Power of the Worlds Greatest Booking Engine

Why is it the GREATEST?
  • One Stop Convenience with 1 Million Plus Rooms
  • Save Money on Hotel Bookings
  • Incentivized Sharing – Your customers can earn FREE TRAVEL from us for simply sharing the savings with their friends & family. This viral effect can bring you a never ending stream of customers in which you earn commissions!

Included in Every Membership

Every Partner with an active Vacation Club Membership has their very own hotel booking engine website that they can share with prospective customers.

What does this mean for your customer?

Save when you book travel, we have 12 wholesale feeds that are programmed to find you the best deal when booking travel.

How does Incentivized Sharing Work?

Every customer has a link they can share. For Example: Sue is a customer of yours and she shares her link with her friend Bill. Bill uses the link to create a free account at Every time Bill books & saves… Sue will earn FREE TRAVEL! Bill shares his link with friends & family and Bill can earn free travel and so on and so on! You earn 25% of the commissions on ALL of this sharing – Infinitely Deep!

How is the free travel awarded?

We pay 20% of the commission earned on any booking in the form of points that can be redeemed for free travel (hotel, airfare, etc) and 25% in the form of money (paid monthly).

As a partner, you can sign people up for a free account and you would earn BOTH the 20% in free travel reward and the 25% cash reward because you are the personal enroller.

If one of your customers (or their customers and son on) refers link, they would be paid 20% of the commission in the form of points that can be redeemed for free travel and you would always earn 25% of the commissions earned in the form of money (paid monthly).

How are you compensated?
  • 25% Commission paid to the Booking Partner
  • 20% Loyalty Points paid to the referring partner or customer
  • 3% Commission per qualified rank (6 RANKS)
  • 1% Commission per qualified rank (5 RANKS)

Why would your friends & family want to book with those other travel search engine guys when they can 1) save money with you and 2) earn free travel when they share the savings with others?

Welcome to… the future of Travel!

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