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Travorium allows people to carve out time out of their busy lives to travel and experience a world most people only dream of. Every month we award our members travel points that can be used in our World Tours and Getaways.

With the Travorium membership, your travel points work to buy down rates on over 2,000 resorts around the world where you can go on a Getaway. Each point buys down the suggested retail price shown on the Dreamcation platform. Through vacationing with us, you can create unforgettable life experiences.

A member can also buy down the price of our exclusive World Tours. These tours are to some of the most sought after locations. A World Tour is a packaged travel plan that is open to all Travorium members. Prices can be bought down with travel points to as low as $199. That is a 70% savings based on retail pricing!

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Members will enjoy our exclusive booking engine that offers wholesale pricing on Hotels, Rental Cars, Cruises, Entertainment and Activities. On the average save between 20-35% off retail pricing, with as much as 60% off. Access the following at any time:

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*Membership does not guarantee Air Fare savings. Air Fares are exclusive to Airlines.


Travorium offers individuals from around the world a unique opportunity to help others break free from the daily grind. Partner with us and we reward you handsomely for it.



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"Traveling and earning a little money has been a dream. I never knew this was a possibility. I'm so grateful for Travorium!"

"I've been a member of Travorium for 2 years now. I love the services  that are available to me. I have used my points to go on different trips, one of the destination was to the Dominican Republic at the Hard Rock Hotel. I leave in a couple of weeks and I'm so excited."

"When I switched from a Member to a Partner I was able to change my life. I've helped my parents visit the Bahamas. My brothers have now joined, and its become an amazing family venture. I'm very grateful for this opportunity. It's the best!"


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