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5 Reasons You Should Travel With Your Family

Family travel gives the whole family an opportunity to spend quality time together, bond, visit new places and create lifelong memories. This is why it’s always a great idea to take a little time away from work and spend some time traveling with your family. If you have never taken your family on a vacation, then here are 5 reasons why you should travel with your family

Great Bonding Experience

Travel creates a great bonding experience for the family due to the fact that when you take a vacation together, you become a team. When at home, parents and children are consistently on the go – there’s work, school, sports, and other activities. There’s little or no time to have conversations among family members – even the weekends are too short. But vacations afford families the opportunity to spend quality time together away from the distractions of everyday life.

  • Family Trips Can Be Educational

Travel can expose us, especially the kids, to new places, cultures, people, and things. What we see and experience defines our perception of the world. Going out of our comfort zones to see different people, admire new natural environments, experience a variety of food, or even learn a new language goes a long way in helping to reshape how we view the world. Also, the kids will learn interesting facts about the places you visit, like the history of a place like England and the Queen.

  • Create Memories Together

Traveling with the family is a very good way to create lasting memories that will linger and be cherished for a very long time. Years later, you might stumble upon a photo album or video of your vacation and relive the wonderful memories once again. Memories are meant to be remembered and cherished for as long as you live.  

  • Opportunity to Visit New Places and Try New Things

Many families are used to doing the same thing every day, travelling with your family on a vacation helps break that routine. Just as travel creates the opportunity of visiting new places that your family hasn’t visited before, you all can try out new activities such as horse riding, scuba diving, skiing, or even learning a new language.

  • Going on Vacation is healthy for you

Travel creates an opportunity to break away from our daily routine which involves dealing with deadlines, tasks, and errands… All of these bring stress to our daily lives. And without relief and relaxation, it can lead to a condition called chronic stress which is a serious health problem.  So, by breaking away from your daily routine you can get relief from the continuous stress and that could be good for your health.

Don’t miss the chance to travel with your family when you have the opportunity to. You may not have the financial ability to afford luxurious vacations, but there are always budget-friendly vacation packages on our website. Seize the opportunity and travel, you and your family will benefit from a well-earned break. And when it is time to return to your normal schedule, you all will have a clear mind and a stress-free start.

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Overcome Your Fear of Change Outside Your Comfort Zone

In life there are no certainties, nor guarantees, but if there is one thing that is constant and is the same for all, it is that all things change. Everything around us is constantly in a state of flux: people, feelings, places, nature. Whilst it is something totally natural, change can be scary and sometimes we do everything we can to avoid it until life itself forces us to find ourselves in situations that we had not bargained for, leaving us feeling at a loss for what to do.

At other times we feel the need for change in one or more areas of our life, but we don’t know where to start to make that happen. If we really want to live a life that reflects the best of our possibilities, then we have to be open to change and to welcome it as a natural part of our progression. Here are 7 steps you can use to overcome fear of change:

1.     Life is change and change means life

The belief that most of us have adopted is that “Change is not a good thing, it’s uncomfortable and potentially painful”. Without a doubt most of us naturally seek to avoid it. When we were born, we naturally have been separated physically from out mother’s body. The first big change that we face when we come into this world is often unconsciously associated with separation and breaking away. It is for that reason that most people rather than go through the pain and suffering of breaking away prefer to remain gripped to a situation that they know even if these are dysfunctional: a job a relationship or a habit. Life is change and change is life. Don’t look at change as a punishment, but as an opportunity to grow, improve and to learn new things. Whatever lesson life is teaching you at this moment, ask yourself: What is perfect here in this? What is happening for me?

2.   Accept the situation, but don’t resign yourself to it!

Acceptance of the situation that we currently find ourselves in is the first step to embracing change. To accept doesn’t mean to resign ourselves to the way things are, that is we don’t have to passively accept things and behave like a victim of circumstances. Acceptance requires courage, determination, and honesty. It means accepting the fact that life is working for us and our good, even if at the moment we don’t realize it. And it means having become aware of those parts of us that we are more uncomfortable with – those we don’t want to face but that we would like to change.

3.   See failure as something positive

Perhaps the greatest fear associated with change is the fear of failure. The only way to avoid that is not to do anything, not take any action and live as a spectator rather than as a protagonist. Making mistakes is part of the learning curve. When we make mistakes, we learn from these, making corrections and improving ourselves. When we learned to walk, we made thousands of attempts and failed a similar number of times. But this didn’t stop us from trying again falling and learning how to get up again. No-one judged us when we couldn’t walk neither us nor others. Why not keep the same acceptance when faced with 14 

4.    Celebrate every little success

We are often quick to notice things that are not working or things we are not able to do, and this can limit our progress. By celebrating even small victories each day we can keep our motivation levels high. Try this exercise: write in your journal at least one thing each day that you consider a small or great success (of any kind, not only things related to your career/work). You may have cooked something delicious, helped a stranger, and listened to a friend… After having written your success give yourself a round of applause and find a way to celebrate it. Be creative!

5.    Be responsible

We cannot change what happens in life or how others might behave towards us, but we can change our behavior in response to that, and it is this that makes the difference and moves us along the road of personal development. We all have a “power zone”, those areas in which we do have the responsibility to act. To be responsible means to take back your ability to respond to events. It means using our ability to change and to give the most functional responses to life’s problems that may come up from day-to-day.

6.   Be patient

Sometimes we must repeat a lesson again and again to pass the exam that life is setting us and to do that we need to have patience. Impatience is a reaction. Patience is a response. Growth (and change) is about progression not revolution. Yet when we are governed by impatience, we tend to choose revolution. Revolution, however, creates turbulence, and agitation and therefore tends to destroy rather than integrate. Patience is a muscle that needs to be exercised every day. How would things change if we transformed life’s red traffic lights into signals for reflection, presence, and appreciation of what we already have?

 7.    Step outside your comfort zone

The “comfort zone” is that mental space where we take refuge, where we have the illusion of feeling protected and safe. So why do we feel so unhappy? To step out of our comfort zone and enter our zone of freedom and let go of fear does not require radical changes. We can start with small symbolic gestures, those that can disconnect our internal auto-pilot mechanism. Change the route you take to get to work, change where you usually sit at the dinner table, learn a new language, or cultivate new hobbies. These are just a few ideas of things that we can do to break our usual habits and automated responses. Bit by bit, we implement these, we expand the outer dimensions of our comfort zone, discovering new passions, new abilities, and new ways of living.



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General Announcements

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Getaway Prices:

We want to CONGRATULATE all of you on the hard work and the record-breaking sales we’ve been having this year. Unfortunately, many resorts worldwide have all been hit hard by the pandemic and thus have made the difficult decision to raise their rates on all of the Getaways.  

We’ve countered their higher prices by ensuring that you CAN STILL book at the SAME GREAT RATES as before, but it will require a few more of your banked travel points to achieve this aim. 

Retail Price Rate increase:

Studios: + 200 travel points = $100
1 Bedroom: + 500 travel points = $250
2 Bedroom: + 800 travel points = $400
3 Bedroom: + 1,200 travel points = $600

There is no travel club out there that can match what we are doing to help consumers travel for less (and FREE).  We look forward to expanding our offerings and helping even more people realize their travel dreams come true! 

Travorium Rules of Engagement:

  1. Do not display a screen of your “Commissions” from your back office to the public (only in private messages)
  2. Do not display to the public offers that are not from Travorium Corporate. (Offers set up internally by specific teams must remain private)
  3. Partners who cancel are prohibited from returning to the company before 6 months and if they return, they will have their account canceled without notice.
  4. Do not use the name Travorium as a page name, group name, facebook name, instagram name or any other kind of name (You can not promote yourself as the “Official Travorium”)

Customer Enrollments and Volume:

Travorium has updated the policies around customer enrollments and customer volume placement:

Customers, when signing up, will be placed in a 14-day holding period where they will be given the option to UPGRADE to a Partner. During these 14 days, a customer can upgrade to become a partner at any time.

During this time, no business volume will go to the sponsor or the upline. It will be in reserve. The volume will count for CSV for the sponsor.
In the event the person UPGRADES any time before the 14-day holding period, they will immediately get placed in the waiting room and be treated as any partner.
If they DO NOT upgrade within the 14 days, they will no longer be given the option to upgrade and their volume moves to the SPONSORS weak leg and flows upline from the sponsor.

PayQuicker Updates

The new link to access your Travorium Commission Account for PayQuicker is  https://travorium.mypayquicker.com

Your username and password will remain the same.

For any issues, please contact PayQuicker support. 

World Tours

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Please review our updated World Tour policies concerning cancellations which will take effect immediately:

By purchasing this World Tour, I am agreeing to all terms, conditions, and cancellations set by Travorium.
Please note that Travorium is not responsible for airfare and all transportation and is not included in the World Tour price

World Tours Terms and Conditions

Travel is unpredictable and country restrictions due to COVID-19 change regularly; please understand that the policies below apply.

  • Each World Tour specifies the number of nights included. The price includes 2 travelers. Additional fees may apply for more than 2 travelers.
  • The booking member must be in attendance at the World Tour (Some World Tours are only for 2 travelers).
  • Booking member’s name must be the same as on the passport/government-issued identification card presented at hotel check-in.
  • Members must have an active membership at the time of travel. If a member does not have an active membership, their trip may be canceled.
  • Members must have an active status to redeem travel points and only available travel points at the time of booking are applicable.
  • Depending on the Resort, there may be a $100-$200/per night refundable ‘incidentals’ deposit required (this is at the hotel’s discretion).
  • Many hotels require guests to pay a Local/City/Tourist tax when arriving at the hotel.
  • Members are responsible for their own incidentals, late check-out fees, etc. at the hotel.
  • Retail pricing may increase closer to the travel date, requiring more travel points to receive the lowest possible rate.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel your World Tour trip up to 90 days before the trip is scheduled, you will be fully refunded, both payment and travel points.
  • If you cancel your World Tour trip 89-46 days before your trip is scheduled, you will be debited half of your travel points used for that trip. You will be refunded your payment, except for a $150 cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel your World Tour trip within 45 days before your World Tour is scheduled, you will not be refunded your payment or travel points.
  • Please don’t consider your cancellation request official until you receive a confirmation email from us.
  • If you cancel your World Tour you cannot re-book the same destination in the same year.
  • To cancel a World Tour please email worldtours@travorium.com

Hotel Check-in Requirements

  • By booking this World Tour I understand that the hotel may request a credit card upon check-in. The hotel may request the credit card in order to: a) place a monetary hold of $100-$200/per night; or b) hold for incidental, security, or other charges. By booking, I acknowledge having received notice of this potential charge and accept that Travorium recommends a credit card rather than a debit or bank card be used in the event the hotel requests the card.
  • I understand that any such request made by the hotel is outside of the control of Travorium and is strictly a hotel policy. Should I have questions concerning the hotel’s policy, I accept responsibility for contacting the hotel independent of Travorium.

Please note

  • The price for every World Tour is subject to change based on promotional pricing availability, room type(s) booked, taxes, etc.
  • Pricing shown is based on 2 adults per room unless otherwise is mentioned.
  • Members can’t combine Travel Points. Your membership level determines the maximum amount of Travel Points you can use. Only the booking member points can be used.
  • Make sure that your passport and visa, if applicable, are up to date before you leave! It’s important to double-check that you have all the identification and other documentation required by the specific country you’re traveling to. In many countries, passports and visas must be valid for 6 months or longer after the trip’s end date. If you are unable to obtain the required identification and other documentation, the Cancellation Policy for this World Tour will apply.
  • Each individual, including each child, who is coming along with you on your World Tour is required to have a booking prior to the commencement of the trip. If you do not book and pay for each such person in advance of the trip, you will be charged the hotel’s then-current rate, not the World Tour price, for each such person at the time of your check-in.
  • Pricing for children is based on their age at the time of travel and may be subject to additional terms and conditions of individual hotels and all-inclusive resorts. Also, pricing for children can vary and may be higher than pricing for adults (Only applicable if the World Tour is accepting more than two guests).
  • Know before you go: As you make plans for current and future travel, stay up to date on your resort’s COVID-19 protocols and other precautionary measures.


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