Travorium Compensation Plan

Our direct sales model allows individuals to create a lifestyle
and earn part time or full time income from home.*

Daily Residual Pay

Calculated Daily & Paid Weekly

Direct Bonuses

Earn from direct sales

Earn Paid Travel Trips

Ambassador Bonus

Star Bonuses/Pools

Share in revenues!

A Better Life Company

Lifestyle, Fun & Freedom

Direct Sales Bonus (paid weekly)

  • Titanium Sales - $25.00
  • Platinum Sales - $50.00

Daily Pay

  • Earn the day you qualify
  • Based on LTV
  • No more than 50% from any one leg

Star Bonuses

  • 1 Star = $100/month
  • 2 Star = up to $750/month

Earn unlimited times, while maintaining that rank

Coded Leadership Bonuses 7 Ranks

  • Bonuses paid Director - 1 Star Ambassador ranks
  • Titanium, Platinum and Travorium Travel pack
  • Bonus pay upline on the differential

Additional Bonuses

Lifestyle Bonus

This Lifestyle bonus was designed to enhance your life to help you buy a car, a house, or travel the world. As your business continues to grow within our program your Lifestyle bonus will amplify.

Ambassador Pool

Up to 7 shares in the bonus pool based on rank (3% of new sales for the month)

Ambassador Annual Vacation

Paid trip for 2 (Every Year)

Ambassador Additional Position

As a recognition of your outstanding achievements, we are pleased to present the Ambassador (2) position. A brand new business center exclusively for Ambassadors at this elite level. This position is seamlessly attached to the top Ambassador-1 position in your 3rd leg.


Ranks LTV Total BV Daily Pay Monthly Pay
Silver Director 35 100 $1.75 $53
Titanium Director 50 150 $2.30 $75
Platinum Director 80 240 $4.45 $135
1 Star Director 600 1.2k $10.00 $300-$400
2 Star Director 2K 4K $25 $1.5k
(With up to $750 Bonus)
3 Star Director 5K 10K $70 $2.1k
4 Star Director 10K 20K $100 $3K
Ambassador 15K 30K $140 $4.2k
1 Star Ambassador 30K 60K $225 $6.75k
2 Star Ambassador 60K 120K $300 $9K
3 Star Ambassador 100K 200K $400 $12K
4 Star Ambassador 200K 400K $600 $18K
5 Star Ambassador 300K 600K $800 $24K
3rd Leg Requirement is Activated
Presidential Ambassador 400K 1200K $1.6k $48K
Chairman 800K 2400K $2.4k $74K
Executive Chairman 1200K 3600K $3.2k $96K

Travorium does not guarantee any level of success. Income depends on yor own efforts, diligence, and skill.

Starting at presidential ambassador, the 3rd leg minimum volume becomes a requirement.